Temujin Kensu

(aka., Fredrick Freeman)


With at least 10 witnesses stating that he was 450 miles away from the murder when it took place and with absolutely no physical evidence, he was convicted through a dubious, hypnotized witness, a wild unsubstantiated plane flight theory, and misconduct by the prosecutor who provided favors to a jailhouse snitch for false testimony.  With these facts, no reasonable person would conclude he is guilty. Yet he has served more than three decades in prison.

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Time in Prison
32 Years

Seeking Clemency

Kensu is planning to be among the first to make an application to the Michigan Attorney General’s new Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU), which will be reviewing and acting upon wrongful convictions in Michigan.  There is optimism this process will finally free him since he is the “Poster Boy” for wrongful convictions -- about every factor and abuse causing a wrongful conviction happened to Kensu. A case like his is exactly why the CIU was created. It is the worst injustice of its kind and the best example of why Michigan needed such a body.

Court Rulings

In her ruling on his 2010 habeas (Fredrick Thomas Freeman v. Jan Trombley), Chief Judge Denise Page Hood stated that Kensu (Freeman) made a credible claim of actual innocence and he should be freed or given a new trial.  In that decision, Hood concluded that Kensu was denied his constitutional right to testify, his defense counsel provided ineffective counsel and failed to call his primary alibi witness, and that Prosecutor Robert Cleland was guilty of misconduct in using the perjured testimony of a jailhouse snitch that he had to know was false and that testimony was crucial to obtaining the wrongful conviction.  Unfortunately, the Sixth Circuit overruled Hood on purely procedural grounds (tardy filing) having nothing to do with his actual innocence.  Further appeals to this date have not been successful.



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