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We need social media savvy help to increase our online visibility, research and share pertinent information about all issues relevant to Proving Innocence and the quest to stop wrongful convictions, as well as news stories about ongoing cases within and outside our areas of assistance.

We are present on Facebook and Twitter.

website help


Interested in the technical aspect of working with a website, you can help.

Are you more suited to making it look good or to edit articles, you can help.


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Fund raising is a vital part of our work.

There are many kinds of fund raising that appeal to different people.


Below are a few. You can focus on just one area according to your level of comfort.

Fund Raisers - Annual Raffle

Grant Applications

Personal Recruitment

One on One Solicitation.


We are looking for people who would be willing to take a particular area, research it and write about it!


By keeping your area focused, you can keep practical boundaries on your time as a volunteer.


Members of our group will be glad to assist you and give you direction.


Some of the writing focuses we have identified are keeping articles on a specific cases current and following Michigan legislation affecting wrongful convictions and exonerees.


You may have a topic you are passionate about. Tell us about it and maybe we can work together. We love to get fresh and original material about wrongful convictions.


We have made significant strides in the area of exoneree assistance.


Having a volunteer who could focus on this would be helpful.


PI offers funds to help exonerees when they first re-enter society and we want to be as supportive as we can.

HELP us look at a case

No previous experience is needed to be able to look at a problem with a group of people and make contributions.

As volunteers are available, we will first form a study group to look at the causes of wrongful convictions. Then, the group will be ready to look at a case. You will get to know the person whose case you are working on. 

This could be a life-changing event for you!

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