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Undisclosed - Episode 3 The State v. Freeman

Undisclosed continues its excellent podcast series on the incredible case of Temujin Kensu. Through interviews of both those who were involved and experts in prosecutorial misconduct, episode 3 looks at three areas that unethically stacked the deck against Temujin, leading to his wrongful conviction.

They are:

- Not revealing to the jury the relationship between the pilot, an important expert witness, and the prosecutor, Robert Cleland.

- The documented agreement between Phillip Joplin and the justice system: favorable treatment in exchange for false testimony that Freeman had confessed to him in prison.

- The hidden relationships between Freeman's lawyer, Dean, with the prosecutor, the head detective, and many others, along with evidence of that while representing Freeman, Dean was at the apex of his cocaine usage.


In addition to Episode 3, we have also posted an addendum podcast, "Flipside". Flipside interviews David Sanders, a Proving Innocence board member who is Temujin's primary advocate and Herb Welser, who formerly worked for the Port Huron police department, but now as a private investigator gives countless hours pro bono investigating Temujin's case. Colin Miller, professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law and one of the hosts of Undisclosed, gives his opinion of the evidence.

Proving Innocence Board Investigator Prof. U of SC School of Law


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