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PI's Founder is To Be Inducted into the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame!

A little over 10 years ago, Bill Proctor took a leave of absence from his work as an investigative reporter for Channel 7 TV - Detroit so that he could focus on investigating an alleged wrongful conviction of Temujin Kensu. He concluded that this was one of the most egregious denials of justice in the Michigan criminal justice system he had ever encountered in all his time as a reporter.

Proctor had already established the concept of Proving Innocence through his investigations. While visiting Wayne State Criminal Justice Professor, Dr. Marvin Zalman, he shared his idea of forming a non-profit to carry on a sustained effort to fight the injustice of wrongful convictions. Zalman suggested that an older grad student of his, Kate Branham, who had taken his class on wrongful convictions, and her husband, Bill, might be interested in helping him to that end. And the organization Proving Innocence was born. The first thing Bill Branham did was to recruit Dave Sanders.

2009 Innocence Conference
2009 Innocence Conf. Branhams, Proctor and Sanders

Proving Innocence applauds Bill for all of the work he has done to find the truth and congratulate him on his well-deserved recognition by being inducted into the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame.

In 2019, Bill received a similar award from a different organization. For details, read Bill Proctor inducted into the Michigan Association of Broadcasters 'Hall of Fame'


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