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Kensu Fights Against a Corrupt System

No objective person can argue that Temujin Kensus is not a fighter. Wrongfully convicted, and still in prison after 37 years, he has remained a fighter and will do so until the day he dies. But it would be a mistake to think that Temujin only fights for himself. It is known throughout the Michigan prison system that he fights for the rights of other inmates as much as his own. He has helped hundreds of inmates to file the proper paperwork in their own cases., as well as taken action for change concerning the overall living conditions of the prisoners he lives with. He believes in standing up for the "little guy". Even in fighting for his own rights, we have the sense that this is not just for himself but also for others who will continue to be on the receiving end of similar injustices if they go unchecked.

In the spring of 2016, Mr. Kensu sued the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) for his medical care of lack of. Today they would call it the "weaponization of medical care". He won a $325,000 settlement against the people who still have total control over his life. See our previous article on this case.

Temujin is at it again! Freelance writer Tracy Stengel reports on a case currently underway where Temujin is accusing his captors of retaliatory practices for actions he has taken which are all within his rights. These include dehumanizing practices that non-prisoners would be shocked to know occur, especially when Temujin's only guilt is of asserting his rights and the rights of others. Read about them in more detail in Tracy's article.

Temujin's lawsuit is likely to conclude in the middle of this coming week.
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