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It Is Time To Act! Please Join Us

Let’s act in concert with the true spirit of the holidays by helping free Temujin Kensu now! His application, prepared by U of M’s Law School and based on his actual innocence as well as the serious life-threatening health issues of this 60-year-old man, sits before our good Governor and she can grant clemency immediately.

You know his story – more than three and a half decades in prison for a murder he could not have committed! It is way past time for him to finally be home with his wife, family, and friends to celebrate Christmas. Can you imagine being wholly innocent, locked up at 23, spending the prime of your life in a cage, missing 36 holidays isolated from your family, and not knowing how many good days you have left? More in-depth info on his case can be found here.

Click on this button and it will take you right to where you can easily leave a message for the Governor. It only need be a very few words because the Governor is well aware of Temujin’s case and plight. The message is simple: Please grant Temujin Kensu clemency now! If you prefer calling on the phone, you may leave the same simple message by calling 517-335-7858.

We pray that mercy will be granted before Christmas and this shameful injustice and egregious tragedy will finally end. God forgive all of us all if it doesn’t.

Thank you. And may you have a wonderful holiday season surrounded by your family and friends.

Dave Sanders, Proving Innocence

PS: For more on Temujin’s early life before prison and the perspective of a wife living alone without him, please go to:

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