Proving Innocence gives financial assistance when exonerees leave prison with no red tape. Since they often have literally nothing, this gives them some resources they can call their own, giving them some sense of dignity. Please DONATE to PI so that we may continue to help meet Michigan exonerees' financial needs when they first get out of prison! (Why do they receive different amounts of money?)

In 2019,

PI gave $6,600 directly to exonerees

for immediate needs upon release!

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November 2019

James Clay - $800

James is making a real effort to reestablish his life. He will be the first resident on Innocence Maintain's Exoneree Housing Program.

December 2019

Danny Burton - $800

Danny has expressed concern for others in prison who are innocent. Many of them, he says, cannot even read and there is no one to help them. He wants to help!

December 2019

Kaveo Salters - $800

Convicted at 17, Kaveo was released Dec 6th after 8 years. Now, 25, he has a lot to learn. His mother, Pamela, has stood by her son from the beginning. Kaveo has a been embraced by his entire family.


March 2019

Kaycee Smith - $800

Kaycee was exonerated by the Wayne County CIU.  He has 12 children and is a man of faith. He is grateful for some money and will spend it wisely "Thank you and God bless you!

April 2019

Eric Anderson - $500

Eric was a case of mistaken identity. He was exonerated based on the confession of  the real murderer.

March 2019

Alex Ansari - $800

Alex was convicted murder, even though he looked nothing like the descriptions given by witnesses. The Wayne County CIU determined there was nothing to tie Alex to the murders.

March 2019

Michael Powels - $800

Michael is staying with his sister in Detroit. He is extremely grateful for everything people have done. He attends church and is taking classes.

March 2019

Feronda Smith - $800

Feronda is starting a new job and will be using part of the money to fix his car so he can get back and forth to work. Feronda lives in the Flint area.

March 2019

Kevin Lackey - $800

Kevin has many skills and likes to do house renovating and work with his hands. He is very appreciative of this support and wants to give back by helping other exonerees.