Proving Innocence gives financial assistance when exonerees leave prison with no red tape. Since they often have literally nothing, this gives them some resources they can call their own, giving them some sense of dignity. Please DONATE to PI so that we may continue to help meet Michigan exonerees' financial needs when they first get out of prison! (Why do they receive different amounts of money?)

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Received $800 - Christmas 2018

Hattie was exonerated in March, before the Walking Fund came into existance, so she received our support after being out for a while.

She was very appreciative, having some real needs at this time.


Received $800 - Jan 2019

Ryan Lewis was another exoneree we helped retroactively. He, too, was tremendously thankful for our support. Some of the money will be used to fix his car which will help him in securing work.

Ryan also expressed an interest in volunteering to help other exonerees.


Received $500 - Nov 2018

Kendrick and Justy are lifelong friends. Who would have guessed they would be wrongfully convicted together and exonerated together? Kendrick wants to apply himself to invest in things that make him strong and true.


Received $500 - Nov 2018

Wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for nearly 20 years, Justy talks about making something of himself. By applying himself he is ready to grow in a way that builds himself up as he helps others.


Received $800 - Nov 2018

Wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 45 years! Richard is just happy to be alive. During his imprisonment, he created over 400 paintings with an incredible breathe of styles. His work

is truly amazing. He had his own art show and was interviewed by Steve Hartman of CBS news.

Mubarez Ahmed.JPG

Received $500 - Sept 2018

Wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 17 years, Mubarez feels that he has faithful friends such as Aziz Hassan who supported him through his imprisonment and has been able

to provide Mubarez with a job. Mubarez also feels he has a lot of making up to do toward his daughter who was 3 when he went to prison.


Received $800 - Aug 2018

Wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 15 years, Aaron now talks about giving back to his community. With a supportive family, Aaron has already founded the non-profit "Innocence

Maintained" ( It's purpose is to get wrongfully convicted persons out of prison and help them to adjust to a changed society.


Received $800 - Aug 2018

Wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 34 years, Darrell is welcomed home by a strong set of children and friends. Not waiting for things to happen, Darrell has already started his own business, taking the skills he

learned studying the law to help other inmates. helps inmates do a lot of legal work on their own, rather than be having to turn to expensive attorneys who do not always deliver on what they promise. They just need a little assistance from Darrell!