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Kenneth Webb

Apr 2023



The description of Ken's case in the National Registry of Exonerations is difficult to read due to the amount of detail. Ken has an IQ of 51. That combined with a drinking problem most of his life before prison results in a narrative with a lot of twists and turns. There are a couple of bad characters within law enforcement, later disciplined and demoted that raise a lot of questions about the truthfulness of their testimony in the case.

In 2022, the Michigan Innocence Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School and the Conviction Integrity and Expungement Unit (CIEU) in the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office agreed to reinvestigate Webb’s case. To understand what led to his exoneration, you only have to read the last 10 paragraphs of the NRE case write-up.

While talking with Ken he told me he needed to sit down. I asked about his physical difficulty and he said it came about from being body slammed in prison, resulting in surgery to mend his femur and hip. The adult home supervisor I met when visiting Ken said he could not fathom how such a sweet guy could have survived 35 years in the Michigan prison system. They love him and enjoy having him around.

Bill Branham

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