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Wrongful Conviction Day - 2018

As has been his custom, Dr. Charles Klahm of the Criminal Justice department of Wayne State University presented speakers who can testify first-hand what Wrongful Conviction Day is all about.

In this first video Dr. Klahm introduces Dr. Marvin Zalman, a resident authority on wrongful convictions, who helped shape Proving Innocence.. Dr. Zalman shares a few thoughts, then introduces the guest speakers. Run time: 9 minutes.

Ron Keine, 2 years in prison, but days from being executed. Run time: 40 minutes.

Aaron Salter, imprisoned for 15 years, exonerated a couple months ago. Run time: 7 minutes.

Darell Siggers, imprisoned for 34 years, released a couple months ago, awaiting retrial. Run time: 30 minutes.

Aaron and Darrell each received $800 from PI within days of being released from prison. In order to continue this work, we need the financial support of people like you. Please consider a one time donation, or even better, a monthly donation easily set up through PayPal. Thank you.

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