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This Friday: Rally to show support for the State of Michigan Conviction Integrity Unit


Friday, May 14th at Noon


The State Capitol Building

110 N. Capitol Avenue

Lansing, MI

Purpose: To show support for the State Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU), encouraging more funding and resources, and to demonstrate to Governor Whitmer how many people support her granting clemency for the innocent, medically frail, and over-sentenced.

A group of various organizations is putting on a rally and can be found on Facebook under the name of the "New (ERA) Ethical Responsibility & Accountability in Criminal Justice". It can be found at

Exonerees who will be speaking are Larry Smith, Ken Nixon, Julie Baumer, Eric Anderson, Lucino Hamilton, Marvin Cotton, and Lamar Monson. Five of these exonerees received immediate financial assistance from Proving Innocence under the Walking Free Fund program. The other two were exonerated before the program came into existence.

Proving Innocence will be there. We hope you will make an effort to attend. This is a case when the more people who show up, the louder the message will be to politicians and voters how important an issue this is.

Try to find Bill Branham of Proving Innocence. He would like to video you sharing the reason why you are attending and what you think about the need for criminal justice reform in Michigan.


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