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The Walking Free Fund Assists Kelvin Nolen

After spending 8 years in prison for something he clearly did not do, Kelvin Nolen was exonerated on December 19th. An unclear surveillance video was used as evidence of his crime. But the Michigan Innocence Clinic brought in a photogrammetry expert who was able to show that the person in the video was significantly taller than Kelvin. In addition, they contacted a woman who knows Kelvin, who was actually in the video and categorically says that the man who committed the crime was not Kelvin.

His release was effected by the Wayne County Conviction Integrity Unit with Val Newman serving as its director.

PI gave Kelvin $750 to help him as he rebuilds his life. We also gave him information on other resources he can scope out which can help him. His thought right now is to become a licensed truck driver and build a career out of it. We wish Kelvin all the best as he faces the challenges before him.

Kelvin Nolen and Bill Branham

Kelvin and the many exonerees helped by the Walking Free Fund can be found at Proving Innocence depends upon donations from people like you to do this and other important work.

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