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The Disgrace of Temujin Kensu's Wrongful Conviction has Spread to Australia

The infamous case of Temujin Kensu's wrongful conviction has now reached Australia. Podcaster Jack Laurence, who has worked as a radio host for 14 years, takes an intimate look at Temujin and his case. Along with telling the story, Jack interviews Temujin by phone where we learn much more about his upbringing and his life up to the time he was arrested.

For those wishing to get to know the man a little more intimately than before, this is the podcast for you.

Anyone who has ever called an inmate on the phone understands the title of this podcast series. At the end of your conversation a prompt interrupts you, informing you that you have one minute remaining for your phone call. For those who have loved ones in prison, it is a message you hope you will not have to hear again.

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