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PI Grants funds to its 4th and 5th Exonerees for 2020

Proving Innocence continues to grant money to exonerees upon their exoneration and release from prison. It is a crucial time for exonerees. They have had everything go against them through the years, sometimes for decades. Now they experience the joy of being exonerated and starting a new life. but that is easier said than done. Exonerees, with years ripped out of their lives, are ready to start over, but with what? They are 100% dependent upon family, friends, whoever will help them.

In giving them this money with no restrictions or hoops to jump through, they have a modest resource they can truly call their own. They are not completely dependent upon friends and family for the smallest things, like purchasing toothpaste or getting a driver's license. It gives them a little sense of control as they start anew.

Proving Innocence depends on donations from people like you and without your help, PI cannot continue this vital program. Please, consider sacrificially giving to those who have had so much taken away from them by clicking on the link below:


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