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PI Announces Immediate Assistance to MI Exonerees!

Proving Innocence is thrilled to announce it is giving $500 to every new Michigan exoneree the day she/he is released from prison. Those exonerated outside of the Innocence Network who will not receive assistance from a national program will be given $800.

Most exonerees have absolutely nothing when they are released. They are entirely dependent upon others for food, shelter, clothing and everything else. This allows them the dignity of having some of their own money so everything they do is not dependent upon others.

Most exonerees will never receive money from Michigan’s Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act, due to its many requirements, and those who do must wait months. PI’s program cuts through all the red tape. Some individuals are released from prison before they are formally exonerated. When this happens, PI still makes these funds available upon release from prison when they need it most.

PI is funded by volunteer donations, with the bulk coming from board members. Won't you help with this worthy cause? With no office and no paid staff, over 90% of your donation will go directly to investigations or exoneree assistance. Click here to donate. Thank you.


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