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An Open Letter to Governor Whitmer

Temujin Kensus Upon Completing his Lie Detector Exam

Dave Sanders has been working with Temujin Kensu for 10 years. While every year in prison added to a wrongfully convicted person's life seems more bizarre, more diabolical, more insane, the advent of the Coronavirus has given an urgency to the need for justice before it is too late.

To begin, read Dave Sander's

Open Letter to Governor Whitmer

(by clicking on the name above)

After reading, now ACT.

In your own words, email Governor Whitmer ( or write her at the address in the letter and tell her you that you support the views expressed in David Sander's Open Letter to the Governor.

Then post this blog ( to your social media so that others might read the letter, write the Governor, and post to their social media.

You can follow Temujin on Twitter @KensuTemujin.

We want our voices heard that the time has come to admit that Michigan's criminal justice system has failed this man. We believe Governor Whitmer has the courage to do this! Let's let her know how many will back her decision to do the right thing.

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