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A Heart-felt letter from Fred Freeman

To My Friends and Supporters,

When freedom was ripped from me on that cold winter's day in 1986 and I came first to Port Huron's jail and then to Michigan's SPSM prison (both incredibly brutal at that time) o' so many years ago (32 as of last November) there was no Internet, no Web, no Social Media and, of course, no Facebook.

And because of this, there was almost no way for myself or Michelle, 23 and 19 respectively, to "get the word out" about what was being done not just to me, but to her also. There was only a completely unsympathetic media who swallowed whatever pablum Port Huron spoon fed them.

And so, I write to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for being that Light for those of us who struggle for that long-denied justice and liberty and truth.

Living in some ways like a caveman in here, I only get glimpses of modern tech either in a magazine or on television or rarely, when I inadvertently see something on a computer. I have never "Surfed the Web" or "Browsed" but from time to time when I go on my many medical runs I am blessed as follows......

As all of you in the "free-world" know, it is commonplace for people to 'search' someone for every possible reason: a new friend, a potential date or employee or simple curiosity.

This is especially the case when prisoners go out to businesses or clinics for medical care and so I have had many nurses or physicians come back holding their phone or laptop say "Hey, the Web says you're innocent!" or "There's a video about you here!" or "Man, you have all kinds of stuff online about your case!" Often, I have naturally been "pre-searched" before I arrive and when I was hospitalized for emergency surgery several years ago this happened multiple times up to just a short while ago when I went for an MRI.


Did you know you can write prisoners via email, using the system?


But because of my "troglodyte status" I had never been able to see my own Face Book Profile, so imagine my surprise when I finally did! Not only was there the wonderful and creative work of my new friend, Jen, who put all this together but more! Here were all these beautiful, diverse, incredible and amazing people from every possible walk of life offering their kindness, their support, their love and their compassion! Here was the World! People of every Race, Ethnicity, Tribe, Family! Muslims and Sikhs; Christians, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, Agnostics and Atheists and More; Man, Woman, Other, LGBTQ (and all the Designations and Identities I am still respectfully learning about); all come together to decry injustice, to share a common message of decency and humanity, non-judgmental, forgiving, loving and strong; united in purpose.

People I've never met have learned about my case and become my new and true friends, in many ways better friends than I ever had when I was young and free! I cannot deny getting pretty choked up when I realize this and, if I could have, I would have stopped right there and written each and every one of you telling you how you moved me and gave me hope, which so often is difficult for me to grasp, though I hold on and never let go.........

So how do I properly thank all of you? These mere words from my prison cell seem so insufficient to the task, but they are all I have to give you right now. And so, I pray they will do until the day that I can personally communicate with you, perhaps speak with you or meet you, shake your hand, perhaps give you a great hug and tell you what you have done for me with your kind words and encouragement.

I am still learning every day. It is easy to become bitter in this empty place of despair and disappointment, of violence and anger and hate and hollowness, but time and again I have seen the very best of humanity rise up and it invigorates me like a shot of adrenaline!

YOU are, ALL of you, that Shining Beacon that guides me through the fog and the night. YOU are that shot of adrenaline! You befriended me when you knew me not and how could I do less for others or for any of you?

I could NOT and so, I want each and every one of you, to know how very, very much I appreciate YOU; who you are both inside and out; what you have done for me; what you have given me and what you have taught me. Even something as simple as a "post" or a kind word to me or through others speaks volumes about your heart and about who we were meant to be.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for being who you were meant to me. And thank you for reminding me who I am supposed to be and for setting an example we all should live by.

My Wish for Every One of You is Simple and Sincere. That You All Be Blessed, Happy, Healthy and Whole and no matter your Faith, your Culture or Beliefs, your History or your Life-Path, May this be for You and Yours, the Most Wonderful Season and Coming New Year and the Beginning of Something Grand and Wonderful for All of Earth and All of Mankind. With so many Amazing, Selfless and Caring People, how could we ever fail?

Fred "Mickey" Freeman

Prisoner #189355

P.S. If you wish, you can communicate with me through Dave Sanders at


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