A Heart-felt letter from Fred Freeman

To My Friends and Supporters,

When freedom was ripped from me on that cold winter's day in 1986 and I came first to Port Huron's jail and then to Michigan's SPSM prison (both incredibly brutal at that time) o' so many years ago (32 as of last November) there was no Internet, no Web, no Social Media and, of course, no Facebook.

And because of this, there was almost no way for myself or Michelle, 23 and 19 respectively, to "get the word out" about what was being done not just to me, but to her also. There was only a completely unsympathetic media who swallowed whatever pablum Port Huron spoon fed them.

And so, I write to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for being that Light for those of us who struggle for that long-denied justice and liberty and truth.

Living in some ways like a caveman in here, I only get glimpses of modern tech either in a magazine or on television or rarely, when I inadvertently see something on a computer. I have never "Surfed the Web" or "Browsed" but from time to time when I go on my many medical runs I am blessed as follows......

As all of you in the "free-world" know, it is commonplace for people to 'search' someone for every possible reason: a new friend, a potential date or employee or simple curiosity.

This is especially the case when priso