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Initial Intake

Presently, Proving Innocence does not have the capacity to take on cases directly. We care very much about your situation and would like to obtain from you some basic information. Later, when our capacity grows, we will use this information to make decisions on what cases we might explore and work on.
Please write out the answers to these questions within 2 pages, 3 if you just cannot do it in 2. Please understand that we will respond based on our capacity and other needs we are trying to meet.
Friend or loved one's full name:
MDOC number:
Your name, contact number and relationship with the case:
  • In what county did the person's conviction take place? Is that person presently represented by an attorney or has he/she applied to any of the Innocence Projects in our state, Michigan Innocence Clinic – UofM and Cooley Innocence Project or a Conviction Integrity Unit and what is the status? 
  • Give us a brief outline of the crime the person is accused of.
  • Why and how was the person falsely accused and convicted?
  • Does the person have evidence not presented in your original trial pointing toward his or her innocence?
  • Does the person believe there is other evidence we may help you discover?
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