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Imagine the shock, the horror, the terror of being suddenly snatched from your life, then arrested, interrogated, tried, and convicted when you are innocent; labelled a liar, a criminal, an animal….


Imagine being transported in shackles to a prison, far from home, family, work, and everything that matters to you; locked into a 6x8 cell – every minute under guard, every move controlled by the system, always surrounded by the ever-present dangers of prison life….

Imagine the overwhelming expense to you and your family to get you out, and the cost to the state to keep you in….

Imagine, after many years, if not decades, in this alien place, being exonerated and abruptly released; no time for programs assisting your re-entry into your life; not eligible for parolee services – you’re not a parolee….

Imagine having to reconnect with the world, so different now, reestablish relationships, learn new skills, make decisions – so much to adjust to – if you can. By the way, how do you order a hamburger in one of those modern drive-thrus, make a cellphone call, or use an ATM machine?

Now, think about how you can help the wrongfully convicted investigate and prove their assertions of innocence and support them while they fight for their freedom; how you can advocate for changes to prevent or reverse wrongful convictions; how you can help educate the public and policymakers on the need for reform in the criminal justice system; and how you can assist exonerees post-release to successfully return to and reintegrate into society, to overcome the trauma and dissonance of their experiences, and transform their lives….

So, Act….

Get involved….

Make a difference….

Provide support and resources….

Join Proving Innocence…

Meet those we are assisting upon their release with the PI Walking Fund

Advocate for Reform….




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