Innocent Man has Covid-19

For Immediate Release

Temujin Kensu

Temujin Kensu (aka., Fredrick Freeman), whose wrongful conviction is known as among the worst in Michigan, has COVID-19.

Now a wholly innocent man has a very real chance of dying in prison for a crime for which he never should have been convicted.

“Literally scores of our citizens have pleaded on Temujin’s behalf to the Governor that he be freed promptly due to his actual innocence and his health issues”, said David Sanders, Vice President of Proving Innocence. “It’s baffling that it has apparently fallen on deaf ears and now his story could well end in an unforgivable tragedy”.

Kensu was informed in writing on May 19th that he tested positive for the deadly virus. He says, “My lungs are jacked. My head is pounding all the time. It's very painful to breathe, my ears are ringing as though I have been hit with a hammer, my visions blurred, and my body aches like I've been beaten. I am coughing all the time, sometimes in long fits until I throw up”. Kensu has also lost a significant amount of weight.

In a March 27th interview on Michigan Public Radio Kensu warned that he would be infected due to the complete lack of effective prevention protocols in prison. This prediction and claim have unhappily proven to be all too true.