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Help Us Get Temujin Home for Christmas!

Dear Friends and Supporters of Temujin Kensu,

I know I have asked so many times, but we are getting so close to freeing Temujin and need your help to finally get him “over the line”.

Let’s get Temujin home before Christmas, if not sooner, to his family and friends and to a life with the liberty that he may only faintly recall after 34 years behind concrete walls and steel bars.

We are not asking for much: just a brief note to our Governor ( and Attorney General ( that sends a message along these lines:

Please free Temujin Kensu, a wholly innocent man, so he can finally have Christmas, if not Thanksgiving, with his family after having spent almost three and a half decades in prison for a crime he could not have committed.

Your message should “pull at the heartstrings” and need not be long and detailed. Both the Governor and the Attorney General have the facts concerning Temujin’s case. They each have full and complete applications prepared by the Michigan Innocence Clinic of the University of Michigan’s Law School that describe the abundant evidence of his innocence and the egregious prosecutorial misconduct that convicted him.

As you may recall, last year the Detroit News printed an article on its front page, right below the banner, with the title Another Christmas Behind Bars for Murder He Couldn’t Have Committed. The article detailed the misconduct that resulted in a wrongful conviction and called the evidence of innocence “massive”.

Are we really expecting Temujin to wake this coming Christmas morning yet again to the ugly and suffocating confines of prison and to the fact that the system has failed him once more? May God forgive all of us if we do.

Please take a few minutes of your time to help.

Thanks so much.

David Sanders, Proving Innocence


So, your main message is to get Temujin home before Christmas. However, if you choose to go beyond that, here are a few other points:

- Every independent review by members of law enforcement (with many highly skeptical at first) concluded that Temujin is completely innocent and had no connection whatsoever with the crime.

Few, if any, applicants for clemency in Michigan have a federal habeas ruling by a U.S. District Court Chief Judge confirming their complete, actual, factual innocence or that they were literally framed for murder. (The judge’s ruling was overturned on a procedural technicality having nothing to do with his actual innocence.)

- Temujin’s many and severe, progressive medical conditions alone should warrant a prompt review and action on his case. This is especially true with Covid running rampant through prison populations and with his potential reinfection due to immune suppressant drug therapy that he must continue for his current and ongoing diseases.

- Those with the clearest case of innocence and the longest amount of time served must warrant some kind of special consideration. Temujin is probably the one presently with the most, or close to the most, amount of time in prison for a crime about which there can be no doubt of his innocence.

A mug and shirt with Temujin's photo can be found here.

For anyone desiring more information on Temujin’s case please click here.


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