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Court TV: Another Impartial Group Added to the List of Those Who Believe in Kensu's Innocence

For nearly two decades, Court TV has brought high-profile courtroom dramas into American living rooms. Court TV is devoted to live gavel-to-gavel coverage, in-depth legal reporting and expert analysis of the nation’s most important and compelling trials. The network is available on cable, satellite, over-the-air and online at

With so much to cover, there has to be a person of notoriety or something that stands out as being of particular interest. The glaring perversion of justice is what stands out here. "Wow!", says the Court TV anchorperson Vinnie Politan, "It takes a lot to convince me. It really does. But when you make up charter flights? That's a problem."

The question has to be asked, "Where are the 3rd party, impartial people who believe he is guilty?". ANSWER: There are none. Zero! And when the prosecutor's office insists he is guilty, they do so solely based on the process and the fact that the jury found him guilty. They never insist on his guilt based on evidence because they don't want others to be added to the list of those who know Temujin Kesus was wrongfully convicted.

Court TV's coverage is in two 7 minute clips, examining the evidence, or lack of it, and the factors that led to this perversion of justice.

For more information on the Temujin Kensu (Fred Freeman) case, go to The best overview in the least amount of time can be viewed by clicking on the 7-Part Bill Proctor Channel 7 News Series on that page.

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