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A New 4-part Podcast Series on Temujin Kensu!

A national podcast, “Undisclosed”, which focuses on wrongful convictions, is doing a four-part series on Temujin Kensu’s case. The first episode discusses his rock-solid alibi and the fanciful character attacks at trial that painted him as a Ninja with terrifying supernatural powers. It’s mystifying that the jury ignored almost a dozen alibi witnesses and believed Kensu was a dangerous Ninja.

Share this with others so we continue to get the word out about Temujin's (Fred Freeman's) innocence.

Also, please do your part! Go to our March - April Newsletter where we explain how easy it is by email or phone to urge Governor Whitmer to take steps to protect Temujin. He has many health issues, making contracting the COVID-19 virus even more life threatening for him than the average person. Let's protect him by freeing him!

From the folks at Proving Innocence, keep safe!


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