Who Killed Scott Macklem? Post #5: Who Cares?

Author’s Note: Every wrongful conviction causes dual torment: the torment of the innocent yet imprisoned individual, and the social torment that the actual perpetrator remains free. This blog focuses primarily on the latter, in the hope that we will gain more knowledge about the murderer of Scott Macklem.

Barbara Kennedy

Post #5: Who Cares?

Me - Barbara Kennedy. I’ve spent the last year and a half away from this blog. There are numerous reasons for my absence including overwhelming work and personal obligations. But I must admit that back in the late summer and fall of 2017, when I thought about the question “Who Killed Scott Macklem?” too often my subconscious answer was “Who cares?” That was harsh, and it was not because I no longer cared. It grew from my frustration that despite how many DO care, some very important and influential people clearly do NOT. As my life and Fred Freeman’s case have transitioned over the last 18 months I’ve accumulated a list so I’m dedicating this post to those people and organizations, before I launch back into the specifics of this case in my next post.

Proving Innocence, whose website is the platform for this blog, is an incredible organization of dedicated people, all of whom clearly care who killed Scott Macklem. They have spent countless hours of time and countless resources trying to help Fred Freeman in his case for innocence, and actually investigating Scott Macklem’s murder. They have made incredible strides in both endeavors, and have continued the effort despite many disheartening setbacks.

Michigan Innocence Clinic

The Michigan Innocence Clinic, which has provided legal representation to Fred Freeman in his criminal/habeas actions in state and federal court, clearly cares who killed Scott Macklem. Their legal work is incredible. They don’t kowtow to the Michigan Attorney General’s office; they call the AG out on each and every misrepresentation their office makes in its legal filings. And there are many, many of them. So many that Bill Schuette should be ashamed of himself for allowing his assistant AGs to propagate such rubbish. Hats off to the MIC for knowing the facts and details of this case so well and continuing the fight for justice!

Members of the Legal Profession, Law Enforcement and the Judiciary, many of whom have publicly expressed their opinions on the “investigation” of Scott’s murder and the “trial” of Fred Freeman. Many, many more have privately expressed similar opinions about the way this case was handled from the beginning. These brave people have put their reputations and associations on the line to provide helpful input to Proving Innocence, MIC, and the media.

Members of the Media and Social Media, including but not limited to the Metro Times, WXYZ-TV, the Detroit News/Free Press, Investigation Discovery Channel, my friends on Facebook who support this cause, and other social media users who have dedicated pages to this case. I applaud and respect those members of the media and those on social media who are not afraid of the truth. I applaud my personal friends including Fred Freeman himself for their bravery and persistence.

Members of the United States Senate, State Senate and State House, many of whom wrote letters of support on behalf of Fred Freeman to Governor Rick Snyder. United State Senator Carl Levin (retired) has offered his assistance on many levels and recognizes that this is an egregious miscarriage of justice.