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Undisclosed - Episode 2

The second installment of a 4-part podcast series on the Fred Freeman (Temujin Kensu) has just been released by Undisclosed. The series has a way of capturing the essence of the absurd prosecutorial theory., i.e. without any corroborating evidence. In this episode, the trial is characterized by Deus Ex Machina. The term is used to refer to a mechanism to resolve a situation in an ancient greek play. There appears to be no solution to the situation created by the authors, so God comes down and with a wave of his hand, fixes everything. So it is in Temujin's trial. The prosecution literally had no way of explaining how Temujin could be in Escanaba, murder Macklem in Port Huron, and then appear back in Escanaba. The miracle was a theorized private plane that, without it, would have been nothing less than a miracle.

To hear Episode 2, click on the graphic above.


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