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Things Looking Up for Richard Phillips

As members of Proving Innocence got to know Richard Phillips, we saw something special in him and in his art. At 72, selling his art was probably going to be one of the few ways he would be able to support himself. We all knew the reality that the chances of others seeing a special quality of his work would not be something that would come easily. But we and others can be resourceful when we want to help.

Dinner after the opening of "Uncaged Watercolors"

With the assistance of PI Board member, Zieva Konvisser, Richard was introduced to Mark Burton of Ferndale. Mark was able to put on an art show of Richard's work, Uncaged Watercolors at the Community Art Gallery in Level One Bank in Ferndale. We hoped that not only could Richard sell some paintings, but maybe others would take an interest. Promoting the show were two local news sources: George Hunter of the Detroit News wrote a wonderful article as well did Kim Russell of Channel 7 WXYZ-TV, Then a big break came when Ed White of the Associate Press penned an article seen all over the country. Richard ended up selling 15 paintings that evening and also caught the attention of Franklin Leonard, a Hollywood film executive. Leonard has offered to promote his work.

Friend and supporter Roz Keith of Mind Seed Creative has set up a website for Richard, which will soon be offering his work for sale.,

Probably the most far reaching media came last night on CBS Evening News. Richard was the subject of Steve Hartman's On the Road.

Click on the picture below. It is a wonderful story. Enjoy.

The lives of people who have been sent to prison for a crime they did not commit and were then exonerated are anything but easy when they get out. As Richard will testify, until he had his art recognized as something of value, he had absolutely nothing. Richard's prospects are the exception of the exceptions. Proving Innocence will continue to support Richard and every Michigan exoneree we can. Will you help up to continue this work? Click here to donate. Thank you.


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