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Richard Phillip's Art Show Reception

It would be difficult for most of us to understand Richard Phillip's mindset on this occasion, but let me try to help you. Imagine you have devoted five decades of your life creating something beautiful. After a lifetime of work, only a few people even know about into what you have poured your heart and soul. You have never sold a single painting. Now before you, you see 50 of your 400 paintings adorning white walls with spotlights strategically placed. People are walking around remarking how much they like them, how this one is special because of . . . and that one is their favorite because of something unusual you had dreamed up.

Exoneree Richard Phillips

Many of the paintings remind you of the time when they were created, what the conditions were that you endured, how you tried to focus on your work while those around you could care less about leaving you alone while you "play with your paint brushes." Images fly through your mind how you protected your paintings from others, how you entrusted a pen-pal whom you had never met to keep them safe. It feels surreal standing, not in a prison jumpsuit, but in a business suit as people with genuine interest shake your hand, smiling, and talk with you about your life and work, all done in a world they will never understand.

Before the evening is over, you have sold 15 paintings. Is this happening? How did I get here? Is this a dream from which I'm about to wake up?

It's not a dream, Richard. We were there with you! We have a few scenes to share below, and if others have photos you would like added to the gallery, please send them to, Play the video below and listen to Richard express in his own words what he was feeling that evening. Those of us who have seen his work can tell you to stay tuned because there is a lot more to come, giving you an even greater appreciation for this man.



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