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Details on the Temujin Kensu Case and what YOU can do!

To: Friends and Supporters of Temujin Kensu

See the new video from Blue Water Healthy Living that discusses Kensu’s wrongful conviction:

Eileen Tesch interviews two investigators that have been working on the case for over 20 years and as Ms. Tesch has said, “We have to help this innocent man! Temujin Kensu has been in prison for over 36 years for a conviction as the result of prosecutorial misconduct and ineffective counsel and political cover-ups.”

Virtually every independent assessment of Kensu’s case has concluded it was impossible for him to have committed the murder. Surely our good Governor is a leader who understands this and must act soon to correct this awful injustice. Please let her know it is long past time to end this tragedy that shames all Michiganians.

David Sanders
Proving Innocence

You may contact the Governor and express your opinion in two ways:
Online By Phone: 517-335-7858 (Constituent Services)

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Unknown member
Aug 22, 2023

Wow, that was incredible! Loved getting the history of both men's involvement and how they came together. And of course the honest discourse.

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