Macklem Blog #6 - An Open Letter to Judge Cleland


Author’s Note: Every wrongful conviction causes dual torment: the torment of the innocent yet imprisoned individual, and the social torment that the actual perpetrator remains free. This blog focuses primarily on the latter in the hope that we will gain more knowledge about the murderer of Scott Macklem.

The following open letter was prompted by reading the most recent US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. The statements of “fact” by this panel of the Court was stunningly inaccurate. To my mind, there could be only one source of such disinformation; a person who happens to sit on the Federal bench, has political motivations, and has very personal reasons for wanting this whole fiasco buried as deeply as possible. And that person is Judge Robert Cleland.

Cleland was the elected chief St. Clair County prosecutor and personally handled the trial of Fredrick Freeman. Cleland was and is very politically motivated and has pursued his political ambitions vigorously. Around the time of the Scott Macklem murder, Cleland ran for Michigan Attorney General in the Republican primary election. Cleland was appointed to a lifetime term as judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan by Republican President George H.W. Bush in 1990.