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Justice Failed: How “Legal Ethics” Kept Me in Prison for 26 Years

Berl Falbaum is a friend of Proving Innocence, having attended several of our board meetings. He has just written a book, working with the man whom the book is about, Alton Logan. It is, again, a tragic story of our failed justice system. The book has received praise from the likes of Maurice Possley, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and Rob Warden, Executive Director Emeritus, of the Center on Wrongful Conviction at Northwestern University. Possley says,

justicefailedcover1The story of the wrongful conviction of Alton Logan in Chicago stands out as perhaps one of the most unusual and cruel stories in the history of American jurisprudence.

And Rob Warden states:

This is a superb book about a tragedy in which legal ethics stood perversely in the way of justice.

We encourage you to read Justice Failed: How “Legal Ethics” Kept Me in Prison for 26 Years, published by Counterpoint Press and available at local book stores,, Indiebound, B&N and other outlets.


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