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Freed and Exonerated Women Speak Out

Did you know that the experiences of wrongfully convicted women have several distinct differences when compared to wrongfully convicted men? Zieva Konvisser, a board member of Proving Innocence, has been a pioneer in addressing the issues that women face and helping the larger community to understand and recognize these differences.

Now, yearly Innocence Conferences feature a pre-conference women's welcoming gathering, sponsored by Proving Innocence and other groups, and a women's panel, which, as Zieva states, "provide spaces for women to voice their experiences, to build shared bonds with the other women whom they often call "sisters" or "new family", and to find comfort, safety and healing in a community of supportive others who understand their pain, shame and guilt, all without having to explain where you have been or what you have been through."

Women Exonerees Sharing Their Stories About the Important of Community

The video above, presented on Wrongful Conviction Day, Oct 3, 2022, presents six women, wrongfully convicted and subsequently exonerated of crimes, crimes which either never happened or which were accompanied by great personal loss of a family member.

Speakers: Top Row: Kristine Bunch, Sunny Jacobs, Julie Rea. Bottom row: Jane Dorotik, Heidi Goodwin, Ginny LeFever

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