False and Deceptive Statements in Sixth Circuit Order

Editor's note: Below, you will read about a court system that is ineffective and perpetuates injustice. But what can you do about it? When it comes to the Appeals Courts, there is little anyone can do. That's why we believe that our attention should be focused on the new state Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU). It is in its formative stage, not yet open to taking cases.

There are political powers that do not want Freeman to be released. Another tragic injustice will be perpetrated if the CIU avoids looking at the Freeman case for political reasons. Dave Sanders calls Freeman a "political prisoner" because the "evidence" of guilt is laughable. Errol Liverpool, president of PI has said, "As long as they protect their own, they are all guilty."

Robyn Frankel

The most effective thing a Michigander can do is to write an email to CIU Director Robyn Frankel FrankelR@michigan.gov and urge that Fredrick Freeman’s case be reviewed and acted upon. Your voice could help make a difference for an innocent man.

Fred Freeman's appeal.