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Bill Branham shares about the History of PI and How to get Involved

Thoughts Beyond The Wall (TBTW) is a website begun by a Michigan inmate, Joe Green, whom Proving Innocence (PI) believes was wrongfully convicted. PI is supporting Joe in his efforts to be exonerated.

A few weeks ago, Camryn Bullock and Joe interviewed Bill Branham for their third podcast. Bill, a long time board member, gives an overview of the history of PI, what it does, and how others can be involved. Just click on the player below. Previous podcasts by TBTW include Joe explaining their vision and an interview with exoneree Larry "Butter" Smith. So we encourage you to check out those podcasts, as well.

We believe that Thoughts Beyond The Wall provides a valuable platform for incarcerated individuals and an equally valuable contribution for those outside the wall if we will listen. We encourage you to check it out and hear what they have to say. You may be surprised at what you hear. While not devoted exclusively to the wrongfully convicted, Joe represents the spirit possessed by many wrongfully convicted people, to reach out to others and be as positive an influence in prison as they can be.

Joe Green
Joe Green

The purpose of TBTW is stated on their home page:

THOUGHTS BEYOND THE WALL (T.B.T.W) is a blog/story sharing platform to give a voice to those whose voices are silenced by our current criminal “unjust” system. Our current society forgets that those incarcerated, despite their reason for being there, are still valued human beings. One bad choice or decision shouldn’t define a person for the rest of their life.


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