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High school forensics class draws conclusions and acts on them

Melinda Wargacki, daughter of a career police officer and the Biology and Forensic Science Teacher for 17 years in the Oakwood High School in Dayton, Ohio, brought the case of Temujin Kensu before her class. During their semester-long study of the case, they came to the conclusion that Temujin Kensu was wrongfully convicted. Wargacki says she wished she could have videoed the initial class discussion after each student had done their own independent analysis.

The students could not understand at all how in the world our justice system in the United States of America could honestly imprison a man for 34 years without a shred of physical evidence proving his guilt. It is just wrong, plain and simple.

They decided to take some action and sent the following post cards to Governor Gretchen Whitmer. For a sampling, click on the thumbnails below and the arrow to the right.

The previous year, the students had written letters to Governor Whitmer.

A big THANKYOU to the students of her class, both for acting upon their conclusions and inspiring the rest of us by showing us yet another way of expressing our concern in a democracy of responsible citizens. Maybe the rest of us might follow suit!


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