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Board of Directors

Proving Innocence (PI) is a grassroots movement and is governed by a dedicated group of citizens who volunteer to combat the injustice of wrongful convictions. The purpose of the Board is to establish PI’s direction and oversee the fulfillment of its mission. The requirement for Board membership is to have a passion about wrongful convictions, helping innocent individuals, and reforming the system that has caused so much suffering. Participation is welcome both face-to-face and on-line. Inquiries may be directed to any of the board members.

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William N. (Bill) Proctor, founder of Proving Innocence, is an award-winning journalist, reporter, producer, and anchorperson whose career of nearly forty years spanned electronic media, radio, television, and documentaries. A graduate of the University of Maryland, Bill received his degree in Sociology and Corrections with a minor in Journalism. He concluded his career as senior staff reporter for WXYZ-TV in Southfield, MI.

In the mid-1990s, he produced a series of specials on the slaying of community-college student, Scott Macklem. Through his investigations, Bill became convinced that Frederick Freeman (Temujin Kensu), the man convicted of killing Macklem, was not guilty. His passion for redressing this injustice led Bill to found Proving Innocence in 2007. In May 2013, Bill "retired" and started Bill Proctor and Associates, a communications consulting firm. In 2017 Bill formed a new organization, which looks at a multitude of issues surrounding wrongful convictions, which go beyond the scope of Proving Innocence.

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Bill Proctor

Honorary Board Member

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