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3-20-2019 Accessing documents for board members and staff

I 'm working on documents that are available to board members . . . really anyone with the link. Nothing on our site is "secret" or "private", but they don't want to make that kind of thing a part of the site. I, on the other hand, am a real believer that when we have no physical office, that we have to create a virtual office.  If I am hit by a car tomorrow, all of PI's data can't just disappear. That happens when an individual keeps the records. When he or she are gone, no one knows how to get to the stuff. That's what this is really all about.


So, if you go to, you'll see what I've done. And then click on the first square about Articles and By-laws. You see all PDFs. Now going back to the editor, if you click on the cloud with the up arrow on the left, then click on Docs and then click on Articles and Bylaws, you will see that there is also a Word file. Why does it not show up on the site? Because instead of pointing to the folder, I have to individually do an icon for each document. I think these become puzzles for me. Sometimes the platform isn't capable of doing what I want to do. Sometimes, I/we just haven't figured out, yet, how to do it.


So, if you have any ideas or thoughts, let me know inside of this box. When we want to talk about a totally different topic, let's create a new text box.

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