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How are things set up on our website?

There are always different ways of doing something and computers and websites excel at that.

In another individual comes along to be the administrator, she can spend a lot of time just trying to figure out how something is set up. To make matters worse, she might have tried several different ways to do something, and after making a decision and proceeding, she forgets to go back and delete the methods she is not using, all of which can be a black hole for the new administrator's time. That same situation can even present itself to the current administrator, when, for example, it had been two years since she needed to do that operation. The purpose of this page is to save everyone's time, especially if they know this page exists!

Document Availability to non-administrators

Since Proving Innocence, at this time, has no office and no paid staff, it is important that there be a repository for board members and future staff. The logical place to put this in on our website, not visible to the general public, but accessible to those who need to know, as well as easily accessible for the less computer-savvy persons. A perfect example is Board minutes.

There are three main ways I know of to accomplish this.

1. Wix has a file-sharing program. The drawback to this is that it requires the person to have a Wix account and the current board has no interest in anything beyond looking at the site.

2. We could set up a webpage representing a folder, and then add the document icons, found under Add > More > Document Buttons. These buttons point to the website repository of files. The drawback to this is that the webmaster must create a document button for every document, which is tedious and one wonders if the time will be worth the value. This method will be used for times when only one or a couple of documents are involved.

3. The third method was adopted for situations involving multiple files method. It requires that a page is created with objects that point to PI's Google Drive. One advantage of this is that an object can be placed on a page pointing to an external URL. By pointing to the top folder in Google Drive, the user can easily access any set of minutes by going to the year and selecting the document.

A few things to be aware of using this method. Access to these files cannot be restricted. Anyone with the URL can access the files. If we restricted access, every person would have to have a Google account and would have to be individually listed in the Google share as having the rights, something which simply would not be kept up to date. The barrier is that these webpages, which point to Google Drive, are not in the menu system of the website. No one is going to stumble upon them. The board member must remember only one URL: So, anyone who can access these files to view and download them. The ability to add files is still restricted to

Also, the present webmaster will continue to also post minutes and other documents within PI's website site files, offering redundancy to the Google Drive files. Also, method #2, above, can be a very convenient way of linking to documents available to the public, directly related to a blog.

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