Lorinda Swain Wins Settlement!

Our heartfelt congratulations to Lorinda Swain for her settlement!


MI's Attorney General Fights Freeman's Freedom

billschuette2We continue to seek petition signatures for the Governor’s executive clemency based on Freeman’s actual innocence and his poor health. In order to sign up, please click on Change.org and share with others. A special "thank you" to those who have already signed.

Freeman has one other hope besides executive clemency (which the petition is about). It is one last appeal (called a habeas) before the Federal Court. It will take months or even a year or more to be ruled upon. But on that score, we just got discouraging news, which makes executive clemency that much more important. We have recently learned that Bill Schuette’s Attorney General's office is fighting Freeman’s habeas appeal. (The AG is also fighting exonerees from getting their just compensation, but that is another story.) That office first said it would examine Freeman’s actual innocence but then changed its mind and did not review the abundance of evidence that he was not connected with the murder in any way.

The sad fact is that the AG does not want to reveal or highlight the documented misconduct used to convict an innocent man.

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Watch the Video! Sign the Petition!

fredfreeman lie detector sm#FreeFredFreeman

We want to collect as many signatures of concerned citizens, innocence groups, lawyers and law firms that we can in order to demonstrate to the State that the citizens of Michigan and this country consider this to be a gross injustice which needs to be corrected. We are providing the complete Application for Pardon submitted by the Michigan Innocence Clinic (U of M Law School) on behalf of Mr. Freeman. Also is the most recent media release. Click on the attachments above this article in order to download them.

For additional materials, including a 7-part newscast covering all the basic elements of the case, go to http://www.provinginnocence.org/cases/temujin-kensu.html.

You will find the Petition at https://chn.ge/2DZ4krf . Please post this link on your personal social media. Thank you.



Dave Sanders on the Request to Pardon Fred Freeman

Larry Spruill of WDIV-TV, Channel 4 in Detroit, interviews David Sanders of Proving Innocence about the application requesting Gov. Rick Snyder to pardon Fred Freeman.