Future Agenda of the Innocence Movement

Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld share their vision for the challenges before those of us who seek to make our criminal system more just. This video begins about a quarter of the way into their concluding talk at the 2017 Innocence Conference.

To read their remarks not captured by the video, click this link: Future Agenda of the Innocence Movement

Lamarr Monson is Granted a New Trial!

lamarrmonsonThrough the ongoing work of Dave Moran and the Michigan Innocence Clinic, Lamarr Monson was granted a new trial. It remains to be seen if the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office will appeal the ruling, proceed with a new trial or drop the charges. Dave Moran believes they have an extremely good case based on what they presented in a series of hearing seeking a new trial. His hope, based on this, is that they will simply drop the charges and allow Lamarr Monson to go free. Kym Worthy's office, though, does not have a good track record when it comes to admitting that they wrongfully convicted a person, despite mounting evidence to innocence.

For a good overall understanding of the case, Elisha Anderson's January 30 article is a good way to begin: Man convicted of killing 12-year-old Detroit girl gets new trial

Temujin's Case to be Examined by Investigation Discovery

kensuInvestigation Discovery is a documentary-style program owned by The Discovery Channel. This February, they will look at Temujin Kensu's case. An excellent article about Temujin and the upcoming documentary can be read by clicking here. The link will take you to MLive.com.

Michigan Legislature Passes Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act!

It has finally passed in the House 104 to 2! Now it goes to Snyder for his signature. He has indicated he would sign it.

A special thanks for Ken Wyniemko, other activists and all who wrote to your representatives urging Michigan to join the majority of states who take some ownership and steps to alieve the sufferring caused by this tremendous injustice.

Exoneree Update: Julie Baumer

baumerJulie Baumer is a Michigan exoneree who was exonerated in 2010 after a wrongful conviction of child abuse. At the time of her release, she faced all the challenges of starting life completely over. She didn’t have a home, a job, or a vehicle – nothing. In addition, her mother passed away unexpectedly a year earlier and Julie took on the responsibility of helping her ailing father. Michigan is a state that offers no compensation to exonerees, but Julie is a motivated and dedicated individual. Upon her release, she immediately started working on repairing the damages the criminal justice system caused her. She worked odd jobs for two years to save money and in 2012, she found a position at a local parish. She now owns a home and a vehicle.

Recently, Julie has found a desire to help reform the criminal justice system and she wants to complete her undergraduate studies in criminal justice. She begins her senior year in January 2017, but unfortunately she has lost her income and is seeking financial help.

Julie has set up her own GoFundMe account to receive help.


Due to limited capacity, there are many cases PI becomes aware about, but is not in a position to assist. Still, we wish there was something we could do to help.

So, we want to make them available to the general public in the hope that someone or some group might take the case. PI does not stand behind each case as a bonifide wrongful conviction, with the exception of the Lobato case. How can we, since we have not investigated? The best way to describe our decision to post a case is that our gut tells us it is legitimate or worth looking into, and that by making this available to the general public, some one may step up to the plate. It must be left up to another to prove these people have been wrongfully convicted.

Each case we post will have information so you can contact those involved directly. Please do not contact us about the case. We are only a conduit.