Modules Placement

ersatility IV has been constructed with an assortment of 45 module positions allowing for versatility and flexibility. Most of these module positions are fully collapsible meaning that if there are no modules published in particular area, that module area will not be shown.

Module Positions
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No Phone Calls Explanation

Because Proving Innocence does not initiate cases, but serves the Michigan Innocence Clinic and other Innocence Projects, we have found it to be counter productive to receive calls. We have no office or paid staff to field such requests.

We will only direct you to contact the Michigan Innocence Project and take the steps outlined for their process. Their contact url is located in the lower-right of our Front Page.

To Do - Jobs at PI

Immediate tasks for me to do

1. change ref to innocence projects in lower-right

1 Find a way to identify registraints who did not get registered for the newsletter but not ones who chose not to do this.

2. Develop About Us.

3. Put article tags on main articles, place in About the Problem, and also on the slide show.

4. Add - Can we contact you to the registration. Yes, by email; Yes by email or phone; No thankyou.

Jobs for others

1. Someone to go through the registered users. Email or even better, talk with them on the phone. Very pastoral in nature, but could lead to a lot of other things including fund raising, volunteer help, etc.


The Board and Web Education

Session 1: How to log into the site and retrieve records.

Session 2: How to fill out your profile.

Session 3: Overview of what the site contains

Session 4: Social Media - Michelle