Fred Freeman Gets Another Chance!

FreemanGreat news on Wrongful Conviction Day! The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit granted a successive petition for Fred Freeman’s habeas appeal. That means that Federal District Court, Eastern District, that granted Freeman’s original habeas – which was then overturned by the Sixth Circuit – is now authorized to consider: 1) Freeman’s Brady* claims regarding the prosecution’s failure to produce for the defense tampered line-up photos; and 2) the ineffective-assistance-of-counsel claim concerning Freeman’s cocaine-addicted defense lawyer.

As Imran Syed of the Michigan Innocence Clinic put it, “This is a careful and measured opinion. I am pleased that the Court agreed that the evidence we have presented here is significant and worthy of full consideration. We look forward to presenting these claims to the district court, where we hope Mr. Freeman will finally obtain the relief he deserves. Basically this sends the case back to Judge Denise Page Hood for another habeas petition. She granted it before, and the words of the 6th Circuit here are great. I am hopeful she will grant it again . . .”

Justice in Freeman’s case is yet to be obtained and the judicial process drags on far too slowly for someone who has been behind bars for 31 years. But there is optimism that Chief Judge Hood will “do the right thing”!

You may read the decision in its entirety by clicking on the Attachments.

*Brady - When the prosecution discovers evidence pointing to the defendent's innocence and does not disclose it to the defense.

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