How to Receive Mailings and Updates

When you register on our site, the registration process gives you an opportunity to select which kinds of newsletters you are interested in. You can change that choices at any time after registering. Finally, though we'd prefer you register and become a part of our community, we now give you an opportunity to sign up for our newsletters without registering on our side. This is found on the Front Page.

Registering offers these benefits:

1. Allows us to send you the following types of email. (You select which ones!)

- Quarterly Newsletter

- Notices about updates on our site

- Calls to Action - Informing you of timely action, such as calling your representative about impending legislation

- Upcoming events you might be interested in

2. Enables you to email individual planning committee or staff members.

3. Allows you to submit suggested web links.

4. Upon request, you may become an author and submit your own articles.