Plugging In

Volunteers Needed

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Social Networking focused on a single case

Needed: A volunteer who would be willing to spend some time working with a Proving Innocence Board Member to use social media tools (such as Face Book, Twitter and the like) to advocate for the freedom of an incarcerated but wholly innocent man. Just a few hours a week. No 

Contact David Sanders at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (586) 365-8395.strict time commitments and highly flexible hours.



greenmarqueeraffleticketRaffle Coordinator

PI has a raffle license for October 6, 2018, but we've never put on a raffle before! We want someone who has experience and will run it "by the book". Please contact Errol Liverpool, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you!





Overview of Where You can Plug In and Help

Descriptions for the various committees have not all been written, but we still place them before you to help you think through how you may help. We know looking them over will stimulate your imagination.

Who knows? Maybe you will end up writing the committee description! Right now, if you are interested in helping in any way, first please register on our site so we have your basic information, and then please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you very much! The Planning Committee.

Volunteer Coordinator

As an emerging organization, it is very important that we have a responsible person who can field interest by volunteers and successfully plug them in. We need someone who will focus in solely on the job of knowing who has volunteered for what and making that knowledge available to the rest of the team.

Through registration, our website database will be our primary tool and repository for this information. Occasional local meetings where people can come to see what possible opportunities there are is also on the horizon.

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Fund Raising

Fund raising is a vital part of our work since our goal is to provide professional investigators pro bono to innocence projects. There are many kinds of fund raising that appeal to different people. Read on to see how you may get involved!

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We are looking for people who would be willing to take a particular area, research it and write about it! By keeping your area focused, you can keep practical boundaries on your time as a volunteer. Some of the writing focuses we have identified are: keeping articles on a specific case current, following legislation affecting wrongful convictions and exonerees.


We need someone who will consistently monitor what is happening in Lansing concerning wrongful convictions and who can make regular updates as things happen.

Web, Internet and Publications

We want to reach people with today's technology. To date, virtually all of our technical development has been volunteered by people who have "day jobs". We welcome your help.

Our site is built on Joomla, an open source (mostly free) system that non-programmers can learn. This is the first website I have ever put up, so I'd say that is proof! I'm also quite willing to work with those who want to learn.

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Wrongful Conviction Awareness

We believe more people would be concerned about this issue if they knew more about it. We have sketched out some information under our menu item The Problem. We don't need to reinvent the wheel, but we do want to provide enquirers with resources on our site and links to other sites that will help them form a basic understanding of the problem.

Exoneree Assistance

This committee will be charged with examining and implementing strategies for helping exonerees make the transition back to life without bars. This effort will include the development of a PI Navigator program that provides mentoring as well as helps connect exonerees to appropriate social and employment services.